So we all know Jim Tressel was a bad guy. It's becoming more and more clear that there hasn't been a student athlete on his football team in more than ten years. But how different is that from the rest of the schools in the country? Pete Carrol is no saint, and his successor Lane Kiffin is even worse. The big programs around the country all cheat and every so often, some poor basturd like Tressel has to take the fall. 
This whole Tressel debacle has gotten the media to stray away from what the real issue is. The NCAA is trying to protect its money at any cost. What's the big deal about this tattoo parlor. Didn't Ohio State give those players their gear? If they want to give it to a coke-dealing tattoo artist in exchange for some ink, who cares!? It's their stuff! The school, and the NCAA is making millions off of their talents and they don't even get royalties on their jersey sales. Robbing from students is not in the best interest of their well-being, no matter which way you phrase it. If your kids don't go to class, they're not student athletes. 

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