The NCAA Slave Trade: Eric Cartman Wise Beyond His Years - Six Pack Sportz
I am sick and tired of hearing about NCAA scandals over improper benefits for players that stretch out in the news for days.  So some Ohio State players are selling their rings.  They are their rings and they have plenty of them.  Who cares?  Absolutely no one does other than the never satisfied and always greedy NCAA.  Coach Jim Tressel subsequently gets fired and a few players are suspended at the beginning of next season, why can't that be the end of it?  A violation was brought to light and action was taken, not enough for the NCAA.  Now they're going after Terrell Pryor's cars and every player in the history of Ohio State to get tatt'd up.  Apparently the NCAA has a hefty four year statute of limitations on compliance violations.  Who the hell do they think they are?  Just pay the damn kids that play on national television on a regular basis for everyone's entertainment.  So far only one person has had the balls to call out the NCAA for what it's really doing.  Eric Cartman said it best during his tenure as commissioner of the Crack-Baby Basketball Association, the NCAA is simply a slave trade.  No money for student athletes equals money for the NCAA.  It is because of this I have taken it upon myself to officially label the NCAA the most corrupt organization in the country.

And yes i realize how hypocritical it is for me to complain about the NCAA violations being in the news and then to write about them.  Screw whoever bothers to point that 

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