This is the best news that I've heard in a long time. Even with a 19-year NBA career, this guy still managed to find time for what can only be described as an inspiring artistic career. This guy has a platinum rap album (and three others) and enough movies to get him an IMDb page. Of course, no one will ever forget Kazaam, but he's made numerous other appearances on the big screen too, including a cameo in Scary Movie 4. He's hosted Saturday Night Live, been on All That, showed his pad off on Cribs, and, oh yeah, already had two reality TV shows made about him. And he just finished his playing career. 

Shaq has been dominating the post for almost two decades, but let's face it he sucked this year and hasn't been really good for a while. Basketball was getting in the way of his second passion: being Shaq. What fans have gotten already is just a taste of Shaq. Could you imagine next year if NBA Shootaround had Charles Barkley and Shaq arguing with each other? That would be better than any regular season NBA game, hands down. Also, because this guy likes the attention so much, there's a possibility for the greatest movie sequel of all time. Space Jam 2 anyone? Bugs is definitely down.  
6/2/2011 01:57:37 am

Let's go Space Jam 2! Those alien basketball players are vicious!


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