Nothing says discontentment like riot gear and molitov cocktails. Yesterday, it two opposite corners of the world, two riots broke out for two, very different reasons in Greece and Canada. So which one was cooler? 

Greece: In the midst of a devastating economic crisis, Greece is a nation facing bankruptcy whose citizens eyeballing higher taxes and pensions going up in smoke. Just like our forefathers with their tea, the Greeks revolted when the government tried to raise prices on their cigarettes. Because nothing says I'm taking a long, government approved break like a cigarette and the Greeks really, really despise work. Now, another riot as Greece needs more loans from Germany, who they continue to remind used to be the bad guy and owes one to Europe. Seeing no other option, these fine young gentlemen took to the streets and relished the rare opportunity to hit a cop (and probably not get caught).  This was a good, old-fashioned free for all complete with smoke bombs, fire, sticks, stones, riot gear, unnecessarily violent arrests and injuries to police officers. Riots just don't get much better than this one. It was a bring the whole family affair, including that one guy who brought his dog. All-in-all, the drama was there, so I'd say, pretty good riot. 

Canada: In true Canadian fashion, Canucks fans look like embarrassed, younger siblings, who are throwing an unimpressive tantrum in a desperate cry for attention. Canada, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Not only did you allow Boston to win another sports championship this decade, but you let them do it on your home ice, and you got embarrassed. You shouldn't be rioting, you should be hiding. But instead, you force the rest of us to take time out of our days to watch your wimpy, crappy riot. Bullshit. Seriously, one car is on fire that no one seems to care about, including the police and the scene is calm enough that the firemen are just casually setting up a hose to put it out. The police officers look like an army of traffic cops in their bright outfits and more than half of them are unarmed. That one rioter being arrest probably could have walked away quickly and been all right. Canada, this is why you never make it into the American news cycle. Watch Greece, and take notes. 

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