There's a few well known politicians taking some heat lately and I can't for the life of me figure out why.  John Edwards was handed down a federal indictment for "misuse" of campaign funds.  Someone has to explain this one to me.  It is my understanding that he used some campaign money (admittedly a LOT of campaign money)  to hide his mistress during his campaign.  It seems to me that had the public found out about this mistress during his campaign it would have made him look bad.  Aren't you supposed to use campaign money to make yourself look good?  Sounds like a perfectly acceptable use of campaign funds to me.  Hiding his mistress has to help his campaign!

The other politician making headlines as of late is New Jersey's governor Chris Christie.  He is taking a lot of heat for using a state funded helicopter to get rides to two of his son's sporting events.  Of course this caused an uproar because the tax payers are paying for that helicopter.  What was the Governor's brilliant solution to the outrage at the misuse of taxpayer money?  He cut a check for $2,100 to cover the cost of the helicopter ride.  How has no one mentioned yet that his salary is paid with taxpayer money so in the end it's all a wash anyway.  God I love New Jersey.

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