According to the Los Angeles Associated Press Dr. Michael Kamrava's, fertility doctor of Octamom Nadya Suleman, had his medical license revoked.  Is it just me or is this completely ass-backwards.  It's not often people get punished for being the absolute best at their jobs.  She wanted a baby.  She got eight.  That's a damn efficient fertility doctor.  This guy probably has lines down the street.  California is really screwing stuff up lately.  The governators fooling around, the potheads didn't show up to vote to legalize marijuana, and now they're firing their best doctors.  Get your act together California, you're on thin ice.
6/13/2011 12:50:18 pm

psh, the current governor is Jerry Brown, has been for a while, and its the damn mor(m)ons that didn't want marijuana and gay pride legalized. still better than the dirty...

Mike McMaster
6/16/2011 04:35:30 am

For what reason is California, the sinkhole of the American economy, any better than New Jersey? Our governor is a boss and we don't have back-asswards court system either. (Reppin' the Dirty)


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