"Police say the man accused Haynesworth of punching him in a traffic altercation in Reston. The man told investigators he made a gesture at Haynesworth for tailgating him. They stopped their two vehicles and Haynesworth allegedly got out of his pickup truck and punched the other driver.

At a hearing Tuesday in Fairfax, the case was settled. The details of the agreement haven't been made public.

Both Haynesworth and the alleged victim declined to comment.

Haynesworth's attorney, Steven Merril, told The Washington Post: "He's sorry about the whole incident." Merril told the Post that the alleged victim, Arthur J. Velasquez, had his nose bloodied in the incident...

For anyone who was wondering just how lazy Albert Haynesworth is... well, he's still active enough to get his fat ass out of his car and beat the hell out of someone. 

Let's break this down. First of all, what is a "traffic altercation?" Essentially this means Haynesworth was driving like a moron, someone flipped him off and then that guy was dumb enough to stop his car, roll down his window, and allow himself to get whaled on by a tubby, 6 ft 6, 350 pound NFL defensive tackle with a history of violence and an attitude problem. I mean this guy cleated a dude in the face in Dallas a couple of years ago. He's a psycho. Anyone stupid enough to pick a fight with him deserves to get beaten up, and I'm sure the judge agreed. 

But at least we know that Haynesworth is out and doing things again these days. 

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