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Joakim Noah referred to the Miami Heat as a "Hollywood" team after they ended his season last night.  Now either Noah is as dumb as he is ugly or he was referring to the Heat's star power.  For once I will give Noah the benefit of the doubt and assume he was making a semi-intelligent comparison of characteristics and is not completely ignorant in terms of the geography of the United States.  Shut up Mr. Noah.  The only thing worse than your face on T.V. is your face on T.V. accompanied by an audio stream of the words coming out of your mouth.  Your team has its fair share of "Hollywood" in Derrick Rose.  He's the league MVP and plays for possibly the most storied franchise in the history of the NBA.  The Bulls were fan favorites in this series as any team will be that plays against the Heat.  The Heat are the Hollywood villains and in this series the Bulls were the knights in shining armor.  Unfortunately their horses bucked them off their backs and their blades were not true.  Time for the Mavs to saddle up and see if they can win the final battle of a war no one else has been successful in.  

In the end though the Heat beat you, Noah, and the rest of your team because your star player couldn't sink a free throw in crunch time.  End of story.  While James and Wade did go on an epic run to close out the game the responsibility lies solely on Derrick Rose's shoulders.  His ineptitude in the fourth quarter made it all possible.  There's always next yearr Rose, get back on that horse. 

It's time for everyone to stop looking for ways to look down on the Heat and accept that this may be the beginning of what will become a NBA dynasty.  I for one am excited to see what they do in the NBA Finals and for years to come.  Oh and don't worry Noah, hopefully you can keep yourself out of the news in the offseason and I can cut you some slack.  Maybe next season we can have a better relationship.

By: Luke Rabinowitz

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