Shaquille: O'Neal: The Best Is Yet to Come? - Six Pack Sportz
            After nineteen NBA seasons, four NBA championships, three NBA Finals MVP honors, 15 all-star seasons, and an NBA MVP award, it’s hard to believe that Shaq’s best years may still be in front of him.

            But after announcing his retirement on Wednesday, Shaq gave an interview to SportsCenter in which he announced his retirement press conference and talked a little bit about his future plans.

            Shaq called himself a “business man” and said that he will be watching over some of the small businesses he owns while he rehabilitates his body this summer. He is on the advisory board of Tout Industries, a technology company in San Francisco.

            But a couple of business meetings certainly are not enough to keep Shaq, the professional athlete, platinum artist, serial entrepreneur, and reality television star occupied. Nope, Shaq told ESPN that he is currently writing his dissertation and hopes to be Dr. Shaq by December of this year. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Human Resources Development at Barry University in Miami.

            Which begs the question: what’s that?

            Turns out Mr. O’Neal has been busy. The Human Resources Development program is a 48 credit program which requires a dissertation. Barry is a private, Catholic institution with just under 4,000 graduate students. It is unranked by U.S. News and World Report, but the program fits shaq perfectly. The four-time champion is pursuing a doctorate which is described as a “Leadership and Education” degree. According to Barry, this degree will “prepare you to lead your organization to higher levels of quality and productivity.” Shaq can probably check those boxes already.

            Alright, so what does Shaq plan to do once he’s Dr. O’Neal?

            He says he’s going to run for sheriff, which would automatically make him the most physically imposing law enforcement officer in the United States.

            It’s a shame that Shaq is so interested in doing good and creating positive change in the community. I think it would be a lot better to “Sir” Charles Barkley bickering with Dr. Shaq on NBA Shootaround. That might just be better than any NBA game played next season. 

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