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I am admittedly a big fan of LeBron James and his decision to try and turn the Miami Heat into the NBA's supersquad.  I don't feel bad for Cleveland, I hate that city.  It is possibly the least welcoming city I have ever been to, and I've been to the Middle East.  Like everyone else I watched Cavaliers fans burning James' jersey on T.V. and watched Bron Bron get booed like no one has ever been booed before when he returned to play against the Cavs.  What I really want to know is why does Zydrunas Ilgauskas get a free pass?  I think what he did was much worse than LeBron leaving Cleveland for Miami.  Big Z rode LeBron's coattails to South Beach and many potential championships and left Cleveland with Anderson Varejao, the second ugliest player in the NBA (second only to Joakim Noah of course), as their lone presence in the paint.  What's worse, your superstar MVP leaving for greener pastures, or your mediocre starting center saying, "Screw you guys I'm going with LeBron," and leaving you with an incredibly ugly and untalented starter who has undoubtedly played a role in the Cavaliers vanishing from television.

By: Luke Rabinowitz
10/1/2011 04:46:07

may be a few months late, but who cares. the reason Z wasn't booed is because he didn't go on national tv and worship himself for an hour before announcing he was "taking his talents to South Beach." Most people don't hate lebron for leaving cleveland, they hate the arrogance he displayed not only that day, but throughout the entire NBA season. Z was always quiet and humble, while lebron has chosen one tattooed on his back and consistently praises himself


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