Before we get started here allow me to explain our super sophisticated Six Pack Sportz Beer Ratings System (patent pending of course).  Other sites tend to have a numerical scale, we here at Six Pack Sportz don't think this is the most effective way to rate a brew.  What's the difference between a 3 and a 4 and an 8 and a 9.  Piss water is piss water and great beer is great beer, our seasoned tongues and beer bellys don't feel the one point difference and we don't think yours will either.  So without further ado, here is the official Six Pack Sportz rating scale.

Never Again - Under no circumstance will anyone affiliated with Six Pack Sportz ever drink this beer again. You shouldn’t even bother trying it  (unless your homeless).

For our college friends – These beers are meant for those on a strict budget of Mom and Dad’s money.  We here at Six Pack Sportz approve the consumption of these products, but only if you seriously can’t afford anything better, seriously.

Respectable draught – These beers are delicious but missing that special something to gain our full seal of approval.  Drink these beers at will, but know there are better options out there.

SPS Approved – Drink these brews with wreckless abandon.  Search as you may, there’s nothing better out there.  These beers came, and saw, and conquered Robo.

A beer will only receive the coveted Six Pack Sportz Seal of Approval when both reviews are in agreement that the brew is indeed SPS Approved.

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