Dutch's Take:If nothing else, this beer is a crowd pleaser. In the summer, it’s easier to find Sam Summer on tap than it is to find their signature Boston Lager. 

Samuel Adams brags that this refreshing summer ale is brewed with “malted wheat, lemon peel and grains of paradise.” 

In essence, this is a fancy way of saying that Sam Summer is a wheat beer, best served very cold, with a hint of citrus to it. This is Sam Adams interpretation of a Belgian white beer.

Summer ales are by nature supposed to be easy drinkers. As a result, Sam Summer is often knocked by critics for being too complicated for a summer beer. That argument makes little sense to me. At 5.2% alcohol, Sam Summer is refreshing, but savory. And it’s a wheat beer that men don’t have to put fruit in to enjoy (shame on you, Blue Moon). 

If you like wheat beers, this is one of those wheat beers that is light enough to drink in the summer and it has enough brand recognition that everyone knows it. A very safe bet when filling up the cooler for a weekend barbecue.

Robo's Take: This beer is one of my all time favorites and definitely my favorite amongst the summertime brews.  We’ve all seen the commercial where they boast about their ingredients including my particular favorite, grains of paradise.  Now I’m not going to claim to have the slightest clue what that is but I do know one thing, a, Sam Adams Summer Ale on the beach is truly paradise.  This is an extremely refreshing beer that goes down easy and sure as hell gets the job done.  Bravo Sam Adams, you gave me everything I want in a summer ale and in my opinion that earns you Six Pack Sportz approval.   

The Verdict
Robo: SPS Approved
Dutch: Respectable Draught

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