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Robo's Take
This beer is truly delicious.  On top of its superior taste and drinkability I feel I would be remiss not to mention its efficiency weighing in at a hefty 6.5% ABV.  If you’re looking for a truly delicious beer at a truly reasonable price there is no better option in a can (though perhaps I should reserve my judgment until I taste the rest of the Oskar Blues Brewery line up).  I hate to give out the SPS seal of approval on my first ever review but I feel in this instance I am left with no choice.  Kudos to the Oskar Blues Brewery on an excellent product that does not require me to leave my seat to crack it open.

Dutch's Take
            Dale’s Pale Ale is one of my favorite beers because of its rich, bitter and hoppy taste, but the story behind the beer may actually be the best part of it. 
            In 1997 Oskar Blues Brewery owner Dale Katechis opened Oskar Blues Brew and Grill in Longmont, Colorado. Simply put, Dale is a boss. He and his buddies out in Colorado brewed a delicious pale ale in the barn next to the restaurant and started canning it because they wanted to take it to events and thought a craft beer in a can would be “hilarious.” 
           Actually, the first time I bought Dale’s Pale Ale, I did it as a joke too. I had just received bad news about a scholarship I applied for and I wandered down to the grocery store with my girlfriend to pick up a six pack. I saw Dale’s, turned to her and said “canned beer is for hard times.” 
            What started out as a joke soon turned an exciting reality for Dale, who still maintains that canned beer isn’t for hard times, it’s for all the time. In 2002, the beer began to be mass produced and distributed and the demand for it goes up every year. Despite the success of Oskar Blues, Dale still cans the beer in his aluminum lined cans, which protect the beer from sunlight and make sure that beer and metal never touch. The cans make the beers portable and allowable in places where glass is prohibited. Dale also claims that his cans are more eco-friendly (typical Colorado). 
            I’ll vouch for Dale. I’ve had Dale’s Pale Ale on tap and its every bit as good in a can. This beer gets the Six Pack Sports Seal of Approval because of its great taste and awesome history.

The Verdict: SPS Approved

Robo: SPS Approved

Dutch: SPS Approved

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