Granted, Rick Reilly is no Charles Dickens, but he’s like the Michael Jackson of sports writing. Some people love him; some people hate him, but everyone knows who he is. 
            After writing the back page column for Sports Illustrated for ten years (1997-2007), Reilly left SI to become a featured columnist on ESPN.com, where his article appears on the front-page every week. If you like Rick Reilly’s column, you have to read Who’s Your Caddy. 
            If you’re a golf fan, this book is an absolute must read. The idea is simple. Over the course of several years, Reilly caddied for several golf pros and celebrities and each chapter is a narrative account of his experiences. 
            The whole book is entertaining, but the chapters on Donald Trump and John Daly are hilarious must-reads. For golf fans, the Jack Nicklaus chapter will seem almost surreal. Reilly also writes briefly about some of Nicklaus’s cool and innovative golf courses, including one exotic par three on a beach that requires a ferry to reach the man-made island where the green is located.  
            Overall, this is an extremely enjoyable read and a great conversation starter because everyone knows the author.  

It should be noted that while this book review was done by Dutch, and almost all of them will be (lets face it reading just isn't Robo's thing), even Robo read this book and enjoyed it immensely.  If that doesn't get you to read it nothing will.




Tue, 31 May 2011 13:22:54

Does anyone else think Rick Reilly has lost the mojo he had with SI?



Wed, 01 Jun 2011 21:38:46

Rick Reilly hasn't been relevant since he left SI.


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