Yesterday I made a tragic mistake. With a heart full of foolish confidence, I dusted my golf clubs off in the garage, threw them in the trunk and set out for the driving range. Needless to say, after nearly two hours of hooks, slices and a spattering of profanity and blasphemy, I was finished and I needed a drink. Exasperated, I headed into the clubhouse only to find that there were only two beers on tap: Michelob Amber Bock and Flying Fish Hopfish IPA. 
        Of course, this made my decision easy. Michelob is for women watching their figure, old men and guys who fantasize about drinking wine coolers on the beach with Dustin Pedroia. The Hopfish IPA and I were about go on a date. 
        I thought it was strange that an IPA was one of two beers on tap in the summer time, but when I tasted it, I knew why immediately. The Hopfish does not bite back like you would expect out of an IPA. The hops are bitter, but not overwhelming and this beer is a surprisingly smooth drinker. I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed this IPA, despite the hot weather. 
        When I went online to take a look at Hopfish, I liked this beer even more. A local beer from Cherry Hill, NJ, Flying Fish is the first "Internet Brewery" in the country. The brew was first made back in 1995 when the internet was still in its toddler years. The creator, Gene Muller, used the internet to get new ideas and feedback for his beers and he let beer loves help create designs and slogans for the company. In short, Flying Fish was a collaborative effort made possible by the internet. 
        As the World Wide Web grew, so did Flying Fish. The popularity of the beer took off and this "virtual microbrew" was being shipped out more and more. Today, the beer is the largest craft brew of around 20 in the state of New Jersey. The Hopfish IPA, which I have reviewed, was first released in 1997 and its fellows now include six different beers and a seasonal brew.
        In short, if you're a big fan of IPAs and you're motto is "there's no such thing as too many hops," this one may not be for you (try Dogfishhead IPA), but if you like pale ales and are looking for something a little more crisp, this is a tremendous beer. This IPA is great for the summer and a hometown hero. 

Alcohol: 6.2% A/V
Rating: SPS Approved 



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