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Robo's Take

I found this to be a very drinkable beer, but rather bland to be considered a summertime specialty.  It was cool and refreshing, and I could definitely pound these bad boys all day long, but when it comes down to it there are just better ways out there to kick off your summer.  I don’t see myself buying this beer again, but was not upset to have spent money on it to begin with.  Drink it if someone gives it to you, but treat yourself better at home.

Dutch's Take
Most major breweries in the country have their own interpretation of a summer beer, but some are definitely better than others. In the next few weeks, Six Pack Sportz is going to review a variety of summer ales and lagers so that you can load your cooler up responsibly.

Sierra Nevada, like most other American microbrews is a beer with very humble beginnings. It first brewed in a garage in Chico, California by two guys with a home brew kit in 1980. When the company started to grow, Grossman traveled to Germany to buy the equipment necessary to expand their operation. They’ve needed to expand twice more since then and today Sierra Nevada is second only to Sam Adams in craft beer sales in the United States. 

While most beers from Sierra Nevada are excellent, the Summerfest lager misses the mark. The Sierra Nevada company brews far more ales and IPAs, and they probably should stick closer to that. The Summerfest beer is a light lager which is an easy drinker, but the flavors are not nearly as powerful as their more celebrated Pale Ale. All in all, this is a fine beer, but there are definitely better summer seasonals out there.  

The Verdict

Robo: Respectable Draught

Dutch: Respectable Draught



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    SPS Beer Ratings

    Never Again - Under no circumstance will anyone affiliated with Six Pack Sportz ever drink this beer again. You shouldn’t even bother trying it  (unless your homeless).
    For our college friends – These beers are meant for those on a strict budget of Mom and Dad’s money.  We here at Six Pack Sportz approve the consumption of these products, but only if you seriously can’t afford anything better, seriously.
    Respectable draught – These beers are delicious but missing that special something to gain our full seal of approval.  Drink these beers at will, but know there are better options out there.
    SPS Approved – Drink these brews with wreckless abandon.  Search as you may, there’s nothing better out there.  These beers came, and saw, and conquered Robo.